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Fe. Vi. Frutta s.r.l It born in the 90s at the initiative of FERRARA ANTONIO And VIGGIANO ROCCO, headquartered in Metaponto, precisely in Policoro (MT), the famous City of Strawberry.

The company operates in a modern and with 30 employees and a large farm where between trade and production has more than 50 staff units.

The Fe. Vi. Frutta s.r.l is renowned in the market for the sale of “First Fruits of Basilicata” (Candonga strawberries, Peaches, Apricots and Peaches walnuts), produced both in your business so empowered by valid local farmers who for years collaborated with the company becoming an integral part.
Fe.Vi. Frutta srl deliver to:
– Famous banquet facilities
– resorts
– supermarkets
– shops